We went and got us a car!

Once we got going with our little venture, we decided to set the parameters for the trip. What we landed on is that we should try to drive to Australia. When we looked in to this, our ambitions were quickly forced back in to check as we realised we couldn’t actually drive to Australia – who knew? Well, we say that, we aren’t REALLY that daft, although we did assume there’d be a car ferry that would run from Indonesia to Australia. A little FYI… There isn’t!!

Anyway, we landed on Vietnam as that is pretty much as far as you can drive over the Eurasia continents without needing to pop your car in to a container and send it off on its own, leaving us stood there wondering how we would travel overland to retrieve it! And Saigon? Well, Salop2Saigon just has a ring to it, don’t you think?

Next, we decided that we wanted to have a car that won’t make it. Where’s the fun in buying a brand new 4×4 and driving that across the Gobi Desert? Not that we could afford a new car, but even so, wouldn’t it be even more fun driving in to the Gobi Desert in an old banger?! With that in mind, we set a budget of £200 and a distance limit of 200 miles from home in order to find a suitably unsuitable car. Leading out with a Facebook post, we were quickly offered a 1994 Volkswagen Golf for the princely sum of.. NOTHING. Not a penny. Nada! And was it within the target range? Never mind 200 miles, we had to travel less than 200 metres!

So, without further ado, let us introduce you to the car which may or may not carry us overland to Vietnam! Our 1994 Volkswagen Golf GL 5 Door 1.8L Petrol Hatchback which has run for a total of just 92,000 miles and has had the same owner since new.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you… “MUNT”

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Ed & Bruce

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