What the heck are we doing?!

Well hello there and thank you for calling by!

We were driving around in our hire car one sunny afternoon in Tuscany. Bruce had joined Ed on the Royal Princess cruise ship for the week and we’d hired a nice little Audi A3 to drive about the place. We drove in to Pisa and visited the tower and then went up in to the mountains to find a nice impromptu venue for our lunch, complete with fresh produce and, of course, a nice bottle of Prosecco! Although Ed didn’t get any of it because he was designated driver! 😦


As we were on a real high after exploring beautiful places and seeing spectacular views, Bruce suggested that we should do a Eurotrip when I got home from sea. We chatted about that for a while but decided it wasn’t the best idea because we both have rubbish old cars and we would probably break down in a foreign land and be stranded! And then we thought “well, what if we did get stuck?”. In our usual determination to outdo one another, we landed on the fact we should buy a rubbish car that, if we broke down, we could just scrap and fly home.

Naturally, driving around Europe just wasn’t enough so we figured heck, let’s just drive until we break down. Things sky-rocketed and now, suddenly, we’ve got a car, we’ve committed to fundraising and we have told people we’re going to go overland to Vietnam. So now we really have no choice! We just have to make the best of a very tricky commitment!

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Ed & Bruce!



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