1 Year’s MOT!

Eager to get our mighty Golf on the road and with an idea to find faults we need to fix, we booked her straight in to our local garage for an MOT test. It was quite emotional leaving Munt behind for her first test since she’s been with us. I felt kind of paternal. I can only assume this is the same sense of nervousness with a touch of pride that parents feel when they wave their kids off on their first day of school, or perhaps when their children go for their school exams!

img_9730Our car at the local garage before her MOT test.

A rather nervous day of waiting passed me by before I headed back to the garage, full of the joys of spring, with high hopes for the news ahead. I spoke with the shop assistant at the garage who pronounced news that shocked me – she passed! I was elated. I rang Bruce right away to tell him the great news. I paid my £54.50 for the MOT test and pranced up to the MOT counter to collect my keys wearing the smuggest of looks upon my little face.

And then it happened. The tester handed me the keys. A lovely, shiny VW key landed in my palm… But, it was too shiny! The look of happiness soon turned in to a frown as the full gravity of the situation hit me and my heart felt just like it did when I found out my old girlfriend had found somebody new, achey and torn! Ok, that’s an exaggeration, but I had realised that the wonderful assistant in his hastiness to slap me on the back for our car’s success had got our car confused. This was the key for the other Golf. The Golf that was 20 years newer. The Golf that had passed its MOT. Ours was most definitely not that car. She failed! 😦

Managing to keep a check on my growing level of sassyness and stopping myself from demanding a pass certificate due to their error, I chatted about the issue. The rear brakes were basically not working equally for an unknown reason.

Luckily for us, we’ve a great network of brilliant folks who were keen to help us out with the bits we couldn’t do ourselves. That equated to everything. So, we drove Munt down to a friend’s workshop and a few days later, we received good(ish) news. He’d been able to manipulate the brakes enough to get her to a satisfactory standard.

A few days later, we took her back to the garage and, alas, she breezed on through it this time with a couple of advisory points for the front brake lines. We’ve since bought a Hayne’s manual and will be having a play with those in the near future under adult supervision!

So, that’s it! We are set for a year of motoring in our beautiful 22 year old VW Golf! Not bad for the meager fee of a few beers and an MOT test, considering we got the car for free!

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