Under 2 Months!!

Oh boy! Sorry we haven’t updated you in a while. It’s been a hectic few months since we have last got around to updating. That doesn’t mean we haven’t been hard at planning, though. We are still on track for our departure date on July 15th… Maybe… We hope… :O

We have had an exciting couple of days. We have got back in touch with the gentlemen over at The Signtists and I went for a meeting with them. We have our design finalised for the sign writing on our beloved Golf! It looks absolutely incredible in the plans. We can’t wait to show you the finished product when she’s all stickered up. Great news – you only have to wait a couple of weeks as she’s all booked in! In the meantime, have a browse at the awesome designs the generous folk at The Signtists can come up with and show them some love! http://www.thesigntists.co.uk

The wonderful Zoe from SoulPad also got back in touch with us this week, just as she promised to a few months back! The amazing folk over at SoulPad are providing our accommodation in the form of one of their great tents. They offered us a choice from their range and we have settled on the SoulPad 3000 Ultralite.

With the new auxiliary electric system due to be fitted in the coming couple of weeks and the new tent arriving imminently, we are going to go somewhere pretty to try it all out. We literally can’t wait. It will be the first real test of our new living quarters!

Stay tuned folks!


Ed & Bruceuntitled.png

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