Under 2 Months!!

Oh boy! Sorry we haven’t updated you in a while. It’s been a hectic few months since we have last got around to updating. That doesn’t mean we haven’t been hard at planning, though. We are still on track for our departure date on July 15th… Maybe… We hope… :O

We have had an exciting couple of days. We have got back in touch with the gentlemen over at The Signtists and I went for a meeting with them. We have our design finalised for the sign writing on our beloved Golf! It looks absolutely incredible in the plans. We can’t wait to show you the finished product when she’s all stickered up. Great news – you only have to wait a couple of weeks as she’s all booked in! In the meantime, have a browse at the awesome designs the generous folk at The Signtists can come up with and show them some love!

The wonderful Zoe from SoulPad also got back in touch with us this week, just as she promised to a few months back! The amazing folk over at SoulPad are providing our accommodation in the form of one of their great tents. They offered us a choice from their range and we have settled on the SoulPad 3000 Ultralite.

With the new auxiliary electric system due to be fitted in the coming couple of weeks and the new tent arriving imminently, we are going to go somewhere pretty to try it all out. We literally can’t wait. It will be the first real test of our new living quarters!

Stay tuned folks!


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1 Year’s MOT!

Eager to get our mighty Golf on the road and with an idea to find faults we need to fix, we booked her straight in to our local garage for an MOT test. It was quite emotional leaving Munt behind for her first test since she’s been with us. I felt kind of paternal. I can only assume this is the same sense of nervousness with a touch of pride that parents feel when they wave their kids off on their first day of school, or perhaps when their children go for their school exams!

img_9730Our car at the local garage before her MOT test.

A rather nervous day of waiting passed me by before I headed back to the garage, full of the joys of spring, with high hopes for the news ahead. I spoke with the shop assistant at the garage who pronounced news that shocked me – she passed! I was elated. I rang Bruce right away to tell him the great news. I paid my £54.50 for the MOT test and pranced up to the MOT counter to collect my keys wearing the smuggest of looks upon my little face.

And then it happened. The tester handed me the keys. A lovely, shiny VW key landed in my palm… But, it was too shiny! The look of happiness soon turned in to a frown as the full gravity of the situation hit me and my heart felt just like it did when I found out my old girlfriend had found somebody new, achey and torn! Ok, that’s an exaggeration, but I had realised that the wonderful assistant in his hastiness to slap me on the back for our car’s success had got our car confused. This was the key for the other Golf. The Golf that was 20 years newer. The Golf that had passed its MOT. Ours was most definitely not that car. She failed! 😦

Managing to keep a check on my growing level of sassyness and stopping myself from demanding a pass certificate due to their error, I chatted about the issue. The rear brakes were basically not working equally for an unknown reason.

Luckily for us, we’ve a great network of brilliant folks who were keen to help us out with the bits we couldn’t do ourselves. That equated to everything. So, we drove Munt down to a friend’s workshop and a few days later, we received good(ish) news. He’d been able to manipulate the brakes enough to get her to a satisfactory standard.

A few days later, we took her back to the garage and, alas, she breezed on through it this time with a couple of advisory points for the front brake lines. We’ve since bought a Hayne’s manual and will be having a play with those in the near future under adult supervision!

So, that’s it! We are set for a year of motoring in our beautiful 22 year old VW Golf! Not bad for the meager fee of a few beers and an MOT test, considering we got the car for free!

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Thanks for calling by!

What the heck are we doing?!

Well hello there and thank you for calling by!

We were driving around in our hire car one sunny afternoon in Tuscany. Bruce had joined Ed on the Royal Princess cruise ship for the week and we’d hired a nice little Audi A3 to drive about the place. We drove in to Pisa and visited the tower and then went up in to the mountains to find a nice impromptu venue for our lunch, complete with fresh produce and, of course, a nice bottle of Prosecco! Although Ed didn’t get any of it because he was designated driver! 😦


As we were on a real high after exploring beautiful places and seeing spectacular views, Bruce suggested that we should do a Eurotrip when I got home from sea. We chatted about that for a while but decided it wasn’t the best idea because we both have rubbish old cars and we would probably break down in a foreign land and be stranded! And then we thought “well, what if we did get stuck?”. In our usual determination to outdo one another, we landed on the fact we should buy a rubbish car that, if we broke down, we could just scrap and fly home.

Naturally, driving around Europe just wasn’t enough so we figured heck, let’s just drive until we break down. Things sky-rocketed and now, suddenly, we’ve got a car, we’ve committed to fundraising and we have told people we’re going to go overland to Vietnam. So now we really have no choice! We just have to make the best of a very tricky commitment!

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Ed & Bruce!



We went and got us a car!

Once we got going with our little venture, we decided to set the parameters for the trip. What we landed on is that we should try to drive to Australia. When we looked in to this, our ambitions were quickly forced back in to check as we realised we couldn’t actually drive to Australia – who knew? Well, we say that, we aren’t REALLY that daft, although we did assume there’d be a car ferry that would run from Indonesia to Australia. A little FYI… There isn’t!!

Anyway, we landed on Vietnam as that is pretty much as far as you can drive over the Eurasia continents without needing to pop your car in to a container and send it off on its own, leaving us stood there wondering how we would travel overland to retrieve it! And Saigon? Well, Salop2Saigon just has a ring to it, don’t you think?

Next, we decided that we wanted to have a car that won’t make it. Where’s the fun in buying a brand new 4×4 and driving that across the Gobi Desert? Not that we could afford a new car, but even so, wouldn’t it be even more fun driving in to the Gobi Desert in an old banger?! With that in mind, we set a budget of £200 and a distance limit of 200 miles from home in order to find a suitably unsuitable car. Leading out with a Facebook post, we were quickly offered a 1994 Volkswagen Golf for the princely sum of.. NOTHING. Not a penny. Nada! And was it within the target range? Never mind 200 miles, we had to travel less than 200 metres!

So, without further ado, let us introduce you to the car which may or may not carry us overland to Vietnam! Our 1994 Volkswagen Golf GL 5 Door 1.8L Petrol Hatchback which has run for a total of just 92,000 miles and has had the same owner since new.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you… “MUNT”

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Ed & Bruce