Corporate Sponsorship

Our Corporate Sponsors

We have been fortunate to receive lots of support from some awesome companies! They’ve all been really cool and given us lots of their time in order to make our trip a little bit easier and safer!

Be sure to show them some love by checking out their websites:


Want to Sponsor Us?

If you’re a company and you want to help us along our way or you feel the pull to try to make our crazy trip that little bit safer for us, we’d of course jump at the chance to speak with you! If it’s not equipment to make the trip safer, perhaps you’d offer something we can use to make our potential demise more lucrative for the Midlands Air Ambulance Charity?

We are actively looking for equipment we can use on the expedition or items we can use for prizes in social media campaigns and raffles. Of course, financial support would be amazing to help us along our merry way and we’d use it to cover the more boring things such as visas and vaccinations!

Please contact us if you wish to get involved in any way!